Casegoods & Architectural Millwork

At Executive Group, we pride ourselves in being able to provide a variety of custom millwork services for the hospitality industry. We specialize primarily in high volume casegoods & architectural millwork such as; custom bars, moldings, cabinetry, decorative pieces, desks, kitchens, closets, paneling, and more, while also incorporating a number of different materials such as stone, metal, upholstery, and glass.

WD&I - Warehousing, Delivery & Installation

Executive Group's services are unmatched because we are in 100% control of the project. Executive Group does not engage in brokering/subcontracting services awarded to our company. Our team of experts can ensure top-quality care while handling every product until it is delivered.

Electrical Contracting

We provide an extensive list of electrical services to our clients including aerial lighting, renovations, preventative maintenance, and controls. We use our knowledge of electrical systems to help facilities run safely and efficiently. We also offer to perform scheduled maintenance to minimize equipment failure.