Warehousing, Delivery & Installation

Warehouse Handling and Storage

Executive Group owns just under a million square feet of warehousing storage in Amsterdam, NY. Our inbound and outbound personnel are responsible for handling the furniture, fixtures and equipment to ensure the proper items are shipped to its intended destination. Our warehouse space is monitored 24/7 with surveillance cameras and alarms. The space is also temperature controlled to ensure the goods leave the warehouse damage-free.

Warehouse Inventory Management

Executive Group offers an inventory management program to clients so they can see the product throughout the duration of the job. This system allows online viewing and data can be exported in excel format if the client wishes to manipulate data to assist them achieve their goals.

Project Management

Each job awarded to Executive Group is assigned a project manager and an inventory manager who both work closely with the clients. Reporting can be sent to our clients, anywhere from once a week to daily. They also work collectively with the general contractors and hotel staff to fill any gaps that arise and ensure a successful delivery, installation and miscellaneous tasks are achieved.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery - This is the initial stage of the installation process. When the jobsite is prepared to receive our goods, warehouse inventory managers load the required goods and materials needed for the specific project. Next, the delivery driver is dispatched in the fully loaded company-owned trucks. When the goods arrive to the jobsite, movers will meet with the driver and they will do the offloading. Movers are responsible for making sure the goods are placed in a safe area and make necessary adjustments to protect other trade's already finished work.

Installation - This is the final step in this process. Union and non-union carpenters will assemble and install the unwrapped and staged product in its intended place. The foreman also works closely with designers, architects and other related parties.

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